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Tucked away on the eastern seaboard, Brindleton Bay is known as a home for animal lovers, being the first place in Simadonia to name a cat as their mayor. As a coastal town, Brindleton Bay boasts a colder weather climate, coastal views, with some properties backing straight up to the shore, and a history-rich relationship with the sea. Brindleton Bay boasts a decently lively nightlife as well, with bars and other establishments located on the wharf. Deadgrass Isle is home to the lighthouse, as well as a small cemetery, primarily comprised of deceased pets. Some say, if you remain on the island late enough into the night, you might see a spectral cat or two. Supposedly, there's even a deceased dog that wanders the island.

06 Dec, 2020 10:00 pm

The small township of Gibbs Hill rests between the historical University of Britechester, and the newer, more modern Foxbury Institute. The University of Britechester has become known as a school of the arts, with Foxbury rivalling the university with a focus on the sciences. Though different, both have a place in Britechester, and the town has grown to be a very lively place. However, the two schools remain somewhat bitter enemies. Britechester boasts several different bodies of water, some of which have fairly decent shores that students may spend time at the weekend building bonfires on. Both schools also have a number of student organisations, from the art society to the bot savants, and there are even rumours of a more... exclusive choice.

28 Dec, 2020 2:58 pm

A densely populated city near the coast, Del Sol Valley is a star-studded place of opportunity. The nightlife of Starlight Boulevard and the frequent celebrity sightings make Del Sol popular with tourists and those looking to get a little extra information on the lives of the rich and the famous. With a large population and a huge number of well-known names and corporations within reach, anyone looking to be someone might find their big break in Del Sol Valley. The climate is warm, the sun is bright, and the city is always active. A large variety of living districts are available as well, ranging from quaint and very affordable city streets and unassuming cul-de-sacs to the lavish living at the Pinnacles. Whatever you're looking for, you may yet find it here.

02 Sep, 2020 10:56 pm

There are people of two minds in Evergreen Harbour, most likely named due to its being a harbour and surrounded in evergreens; those that wish to see what industry already exists in the town expanded upon, and those that wish to clean Evergreen Harbour up and turn the town towards environmentally friendly policies, energy usage, and resource management. These two sides are not necessarily opposing. In truth, they both want the same thing, a better and brighter future for everyone to thrive in, but they differ in how they believe that goal can be reached. Moving into the future with better policies and a commitment to living the best lives they can is at the forefront of those that call Evergreen Harbour home.

27 Oct, 2020 6:20 pm

Said to have been founded following a tragedy some 200 years ago, Forgotten Hollow is a sleepy little village nestled in the mountains. Days here are short, and because of the particular climate and location up the mountainside, Forgotten Hollow sees partial cloud cover and fog throughout most of the year. Sunlight rarely ever makes it through this cloud and fog cover, making it the perfect haven for a certain kind of supernatural creature that may or may not have something of a home base here. The town was founded by Count Vladislaus Straud I, and has been led by his descendants ever since, the most recent being Vladislaus Straud IV. Or at least, that's what all the stories and legends say...

26 Sep, 2020 4:04 pm

Those of Glimmerbrook, for the most part, seem to be pleased enough to mind their own business. Nestled not far from the sprawl of Granite Falls, Glimmerbrook rests atop a waterfall, fed by a brook. Some say that strange things happen in Glimmerbrook. Some tell of how people walk to the top of the waterfall and seem to vanish into thin air, others speak of the uncanny ability for those of the little town to live for an astonishingly long time. And there are the tales of brooms that seem to have minds of their own, of houses that keep themselves clean. There are stories of fireplaces that crackle with shades of blue, and of mysterious laughter within the trees, heard at night, not unlike a child's but too mischievous to be a child's.

27 Oct, 2020 7:10 pm

A favourite locale for adventurous vacations, Granite Falls is located amid a pine forest. People come from all over to experience the fresh air, the experience of camping, and to explore the forest. Strange things can be found nestled in the trees and among the waters, unique insects and other such creatures, and the wildlife is pretty interesting. There are stories, of course. Stories of ghosts that haunt the tree line, supposedly wandering spirits that got lost in the woods in life and never returned, but such stories are always frequent in places like these, places where nature has yet to be pushed out. But of course, some of those stories may be true, and one may find out first-hand if they're daring enough to seek that truth.

None now live that remember the origins and founding of magic realm. Most only know it was built to protect, specifically to protect witches from those that would seek to harm them in the middle ages, when people had finally turned on those with magic in their blood when, only a few centuries before, they'd looked to them for wisdom and guidance. Now, spellcasters keep to themselves, their magical craft hidden within this secret dimension. They now practise and learn from each other within magic realm, led and protected by the three sages. But some say that magic realm is dying, and with it, spellcasters. The proof of it can be heard in the song, echoing from deep within the realm, perhaps a cry for help, and perhaps a warning of what is yet to come.

10 Jan, 2021 11:38 pm

One might visit Magnolia Promenade, see the beautiful scenery, the trees and the sunlight, and think it's somewhat reminiscent of Willow Creek. And one would be right. Settled just off the coast, this small little township is home to a variety of storefronts, cafes, and shops, bustling transportation lines and walkways, clean air, and the sound of seabirds. Some consider it the shopping district of Newcrest and Willow Creek, one connected to another, and perhaps it isn't incorrect. One thing Magnolia Promenade has going for it, it's not one for chain stores. In fact, the vast majority of businesses that operate in the district are single-owner or family-owned. There's some comfort to be taken from the knowledge that your money is supporting local business.

15 Jun, 2020 1:53 am

Locals have enjoyed the healing hot springs of Mount Komorebi for centuries. With a new modern snow sports resort in Yukimatsu, people from around the world can come visit Mount Komorebi and enjoy the hot springs, too. The region has become a hotspot for tourists looking for a vacation that's equal parts relaxing and adventuresome. There have been a lot of changes to the forests around Mount Komorebi in recent times due to the boom in the tourism industry, and there are some concerns of the region changing too much to suit foreign tastes. From skiing to sledding, to Mount Komorebi's unique festivals and events, to the local cuisine options, there are many choices for things to do and sights to see, even for those that live here!

21 Nov, 2020 9:16 am

When Willow Creek became somewhat overcrowded, and the expanding population demanded more space for houses and businesses, a new project extended the borders of the township. This new development became known as Newcrest, and slowly, homes and businesses have been going up in the area. Land here is relatively cheap, to encourage the outward expansion and reduce some of the overcrowding in Willow Creek and neighbouring Magnolia Promenade. Newcrest features much of the same flora and fauna, and a very similar climate, to its neighbours, and is home to a fair number of rivers and ponds and small lakes. A few of these water bodies may feature fountains, and like Willow Creek, Newcrest is also home to a number of willow trees dotting its landscape.

Nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, one might suspect Oasis Springs to be inhospitable. However, true to its name, the town is built around an oasis, allowing a local source of freshwater. Several small streams and creeks run through, though during the dry season these streams and creeks may dry up. Along with the hot weather, lack of snow, and sparse rainfall, Oasis Springs is also home to soaring palm trees and a variety of succulent plants. In some neighbourhoods, abundant freshwater availability allows for surprisingly lush green landscaping, and many of the houses and buildings feature notably Spanish-style architecture. There are also a number of abandoned mine shafts, so be careful where you venture.

11 Mar, 2020 7:36 pm

Every day is an adventure on the streets of San Myshuno. The sparkling city lights and the beautiful skyline are only the tip of this cultural iceberg sprawled across an inland bay. San Myshuno is separated into three distinct districts, the Spice Market, the Arts Quarter, the Fashion District, and finally, Uptown, where the city's rich and elite live towards the top of skyscrapers surrounded by a ground space suspended in the air. Each day, one can find food stands across the city, offering a wide and various selection of cultural dishes, from the Mexican taquito to the Vietnamese pho. One can also find a decent selection of karaoke bars, and attend varying festivals and other events that take place on the streets of the city.

27 Dec, 2020 8:15 pm

Nestled in a vast expanse of dense, and often very dangerous, jungle, Selvadorada is a unique place unto itself. The locals have their own stories to tell, and the temples and ruins scattered around the jungle has stories to tell, too, landmarks of the ancient Omiscan civilisation, the precursor to modern Selvadoradan culture. Try local food and learn about the culture and people that live here, and then venture into the forest to find Omiscan temples, baths, and plenty of relics and artefacts. Many years ago, Madre Cosecha founded Selvadorada, helping the people settle during a great famine. Now, Selvadorada enjoys fair prosperity, surrounded by fresh air and cool waters. The Belomisia jungle holds many secrets. How many will you find?

13 Aug, 2020 6:56 pm

"The only thing stranger than the people is the flora." StrangerVille is a quiet little town, surrounded by mesas and earth of a brilliant orange hue. And it has a bit of a strange little problem. The people are friendly enough, but at night things get a little bit... interesting, and maybe a hair creepy. Further, there are many little strange plants scattered across the landscape, very noticeable in their very vibrant and unnatural colours. There are rumours of something going on in the crater, the home of a strange laboratory no one seems to know anything about, and a large number of military personnel and scientists are active in the town, despite its isolation and arid climate. Just what exactly is going on here?

29 Nov, 2020 6:11 am

The islands of Sulani offer a world of vibrant blue oceans and friendly faces. The people of Sulani are charitable and hospitable, always willing to offer a helping hand, and are easily accepting of differences. Sulani is a place of nature's wonder, where the fierce volcanoes pave way to new life, and the deepest ocean is home to numerous creatures. The main island features Ohan'ali Town, once a tiny fishing camp, and now one of the most bustling areas of Sulani, though its strong senses of community and tradition remain. On the more upscale side there is Lani St. Taz, an idyllic tropical paradise, where the beaches are full of white sand and the waters are warm and vibrant. And finally, Mua Pel'am, home to an active volcano, but natural beauty abounds.

30 Dec, 2019 1:30 am

Willow Creek is a diverse blend of rich tradition, understated grandeur, and salt-of-the-earth hospitality. A verdant, sprawling region of lush bayous and rolling plantation land that is home to aristocratic farmers, southern gentry, and swamp-dwellers, Willow Creek has a unique charm unto itself. Water is abundant, often too abundant, and it rains frequently here. The people are accustomed to it though, and have come to blend it into their everyday life. Willow Creek is named for its large number of willow trees, nestled in with cherry trees, dotting the landscape. Occasional corner parks and waterfront walkways and sitting areas can be found, adding to Willow Creek's homey atmosphere and charm.

06 Dec, 2020 6:08 pm

Situated between the sea and the mountains, Windenburg is an interesting combination of traditional and modern. The expansive region features an island off the coast, for those that would like a little more of a quiet homey experience, as well as two traditional neighbourhoods to the north near the mountains. Towards the coast is a modern business district, just off the water, featuring concrete, pretty lights, and direct access to the sea. The countryside might be somewhat quiet, but small village and business district feature active nightlife. Whatever it is one might be looking for, be it serene cliffs, lush countryside, old-world village, or modernity, Windenburg has it all and then some. Stop into one of its world-famous cafes for a spot of tea.

18 Jan, 2021 7:07 pm
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