Simeon Silversweater • Spellcaster
Played by Lenara
Young Adult Spellcaster Bookworm Creative Genius Written by Sionyx

Some people learn to love their chains.

His life hasn't been anything interesting. One might even say it's been somewhat boring and mundane. Ezio was born August 1, to a multiracial couple, and with a twin sibling. At the time, Morgyn was physically female, but Ezio eventually figured out Morgyn wasn't quite so feminine after all, and everyone else later followed suit. It was a difficult feeling to explain, and even more difficult to explain when Morgyn started feeling the same way. From a young age, around eight or nine, Ezio stopped using pronouns for Morgyn outright.

As for Ezio, well, he never really was or wasn't one or the other, and never felt a need to think about it too hard.

Ezio was always a very gifted young mind, and had a knack for science. Strangely, that wasn't what he wanted to do with his life, but for a long time he had no idea what exactly he did want with his life. For a while, he kind of drifted between one thing and another, and figured sooner or later, something would stick out and feel right.

As a kid, he fell in love with his best friend, but never had the nerve to tell him that. It wasn't because it'd be a gay pairing. Ezio never really considered himself gay or not gay, and his family never made a big deal about that (it was more about your spellcasting aptitude and how well you were doing in school than anything). It was more because Ezio was afraid that, if they couldn't be lovers, then they'd be unable to be friends either. Ezio would rather have Drake as his friend, than not at all.

So, Ezio dated other people. There might've been a time or two, as young stupid hormonal teenagers he and Drake got a little closer than usual, but Ezio tries not to think about it too hard. He's had a few girlfriends, and a few boyfriends; surprisingly, for all that Morgyn was the popular one, Ezio never had trouble finding a date. (Usually, he turned everyone down for school dances, and went with Drake, you know, but stag.)

Sometime in high school, there was an abnormality with his heartbeat. It later turned out to be a heart arrhythmia, which Ezio's been fighting as best he can since then. Sometime later, Drake had an unfortunate accident with a cauldron. Ezio's pretty sure he nearly died that day, but Ezio panicked, did magic, and somehow managed to save him, though at a slight cost. Drake's a vampire, now, and Ezio has no idea how he did it.

Ezio later stayed with one of his boyfriends a little longer than normal, and after high school, they moved in together. Morgyn went on to become the youngest sage ever when he took over after Aine as Sage of Untamed Magic.

Things took a turn for the worst, and amid Ezio trying to make it through university, when said boyfriend got a little... aggressive. Ezio would have everyone believe it was a temporary problem, but about a year after Ezio moved in with him, Ezio left. Some part of him was afraid of getting cornered, so he never stayed in one place, bouncing around hotel rooms until he didn't have any money left and then took to the street instead.

It was only a matter of time, probably, before someone-Drake, Morgyn, their mom-figured out Ezio was without a home. Only a few years later, last year, Drake got an apartment in San Myshuno, and insisted Ezio move in with him. And Ezio was too tired by then to say no.

Ezio's heart condition has deteriorated since high school, and now he's in heart failure stage. He doesn't want it to change anything, so for now, mostly, they pretend everything's the way it was.

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