Analise Holbrook • Spellcaster
Played by Lenara
This character is a game premade that has been retired from play. They are no longer actively played, and cannot be picked up by players and written with again.
Young Adult Sim Creative Gloomy Music Lover

As the eldest of the two children of the well-known Goth line, some could say the pressure to do well in life and be someone worth remembering was always sort of there. Bella Goth is a well-known name for many different reasons, and Mortimer Goth one of the wealthiest, and most bizarre, authors of his time. Though her parents never seemed to place that pressure on her themselves, it was an unspoken reality.

Cassandra's upbringing was such that she had the freedom to dabble in a great many things before deciding what she wanted in life, and something always brought her back to her violin. Perhaps someone in her family line was a composer at one time; the Goth line goes quite a ways back and for that matter, so does the Bachelor line, but Cassandra decided not to think about what her ancestors may or may not have done before.

A young adult now, Cassandra hopes to attend the University of Britechester to perfect her craft, and perhaps become well known as a composer. Likely, of the kind of music that makes your heart ache and your skin crawl at the same time, but who's paying attention?

Goth Family Values

May 15, 2020
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May 20, 2020
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Does It Go Alone?

May 23, 2020
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