Sindria Zaman • Vampire
Played by Lenara
This character is a game premade that has been retired from play. They are no longer actively played, and cannot be picked up by players and written with again.
Adult Ghost Ambitious Genius Perfectionist

What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

Aine was born to an ancient bloodline of aristocratic spellcasters from Ireland. Her becoming a sage was not intentional-actually, in hindsight, no one knows how it happened, exactly, only that it did. As Aine was moneyed, she enjoyed most of the good parts of life. She never wanted for anything, but this did give her a little bit of a spoiled edge, and that edge eventually became a crater.

Very few can master the untamed magic branch without losing a little bit of themselves to it, for it is volatile and hard to control. That's what makes it untamed, of course. Forcing elementals to do as the spellcaster wishes is never easy, and one wrong move could end in the caster's demise. Aine learned well from her mentor, but always had a darker, more selfish edge to her. She wanted what she wanted, and she didn't care what she had to do to get it.

This trait was something she passed on to her best and brightest student, Morgyn Ember. Morgyn was so much of a good student of hers, it was common that Aine lost arguments to her own damned logic and her methods were often thrown back in her face and used against her. It was the only thing about Morgyn that Aine found horrendously vexing.

Morgyn was powerful, however, comes from a long line of spellcasters, though the whelp never seemed to know this. Aine remained as Morgyn's teacher, but then one day disappeared, and Morgyn became the new Sage of Untamed Magic. Some believe that Morgyn killed her. Some believe Aine left. Still others don't know what they believe.

I will, let you down I'll, let you down I'll,
When you finally trust me, finally believe in me;