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The Vesta Suite was developed by Kendra Alvares, otherwise known as Arceus, in early 2019. Downloads, information, and support, for the Vesta Suite, can be found at its official support site on In Populus Technology, or through the Vesta coterie on RPG Initiative. Please do not redistribute the Vesta software.

Vesta is powered by jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, FontAwesome, Google Fonts, TinyMCE, reCAPTCHA, and a bunch of Greek gods, frustration, cussing, love, and excitement.

The Sims was created by Electronic Arts/Maxis Studios, originally released in 2000. Simprovise is based on fanfiction story turned original, Of Frost and Fire, based in The Sims continuity, written by Kendra Alvares with varying inspirations from Nordic mythology, real-world history, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Vampire: The MasqueradeAtlantis: The Lost Empire was released by Disney in 2001, and Vampire: The Masquerade was released by White Wolf Publishing in 1991.