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23 Jan 2020 - Reactions

23 Jan, 2020 11:55 am

Simprovise now has post reactions; just the one, so you can show a little love for the posts you really like.

Yep, it's a little heart. Just click or tap it and your +1 will be added to the user's reputation and they can be happy someone liked their writing. If you'd like to, you should be able to go back through older posts and heart the ones you like. Once you cast a heart, you can't take it back. There may also be a glitch where the software may count your +1 more than once, I don't know. (Don't try. XD)

This system is a little glitchy but that's part of why I turned it on, I need to have it being used so I can see what's wrong with it and fix it in the next version. You're also welcome to offer suggestions for it and its functionality.

Happy playing!