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15 Mar 2020-The Mature System

15 Mar, 2020 3:36 pm

There are a high number of users turning mature on and entering false birth dates and it's not going to work that way, so here's how the mature system works.

Vesta's mature system hides threads that are marked mature from users in any way it can; it just flat, straight up, doesn't display them anywhere. But, the system needs a real, valid birth date before it will enable the mature system for you and display mature threads to you. If you don't want the rest of the site to know your birth date, there is a hide my birth date switch in the first tab of manage profile, and it does work (even the admin won't see it). ... I think even YOU won't see it outside of manage profile.

Now, due to this, people can lie about their age if they can do some basic maths, so I do want to say, once again, that whatever birth date you input and whether you turn the mature switch on or not, it is on your shoulders, because I cannot viably prove or disprove any of this. So, if you want mature content on, you need to enter a valid birth date because Vesta doesn't just enable it, it wants to make sure you're 18 or older first.