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13 Jun 2020-Welcome Home

13 Jun, 2020 7:23 pm

Welcome back home. c:

The transferring of the threads from Winterlight should be done, so you guys should be okay to just continue on. Some characters may need to be updated, so Winterlight will continue to be up for now, though it will remain only accessible by members that are logged in. I also got us a shiny new URL, and we have a new theme (it's called Silence if you're not on it and want to use it), and we're ready to go.

I will be updating the site lore shortly, we're back to the standard magic system from Sims 4. Characters that were made on WL will need to be manually moved over, I did ONE of them because that player was new, too, the rest of you suffer P=

In other news, this community has been together for half a year. May we last many more.