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Captain's Log, Three Nine Two Zero Two Zero

03 Sep, 2020 3:59 pm

I did not just make a nerdy reference. Some quick notices about site updates and a couple things that've changed, and some Arceus being salty, because of course.

Hey guys, just a couple quick things here, some stuff sort of happened a little silently in the background so I wanted to go ahead and be transparent about it and talk about it a little bit here.

So first off, for those that were unaware, the server that we run our site on happens to be in my basement. Basically I am my own host, and I do host others on the same server, it's kind of a business, or trying to become one. In any case, this does mean that I am responsible for all of the server maintenance and upgrading and whatnot. Recently, we've had multiple traffic spikes that have threatened to take the server down from the load, so I've been looking at upgrading the server.

When I got the COVID relief cheque from the IRS, I went ahead and put that towards a new server. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong model, and the drive bay was just completely unusable, so I went ahead and got an RMA on it and sent it back for a refund to put towards the right one. Well, that's taken a month so far. Um, they say they have a very high volume of refunds going out and they're taking a very long time to process, so I do not have an ETA on it anymore, and that's where we're at. I'm out $1100, still kind of pissed about it, and we'll see how things progress I guess.

Secondly, we did have another rule update, I pretty much just went and cleaned it up a little, added Discord rules, rearranged some for it to make more sense, and then added a notice on inclusiveness, because honestly I'm getting a little sick of the accusation that I'm not an inclusive person because I don't tolerate horse shit. I also feel like, or hope I suppose is a better way of phrasing it, stating it outright kind of sets the tone and level of expectation between the staff and the member-base, and hopefully helps us all be a little more on the same level off the bat.

I am here for you guys. I've said it many many times before and I will probably say it again in future unless I do actually quit RP after this site. I digress, point is, I want Simprovise to be an inclusive and warm, welcoming place where everyone can feel at home and enjoy writing cool stories together and sharing their game-play adventures together. And every decision I make is to that end. I will always be open to discussing and working through problems, but I need everyone else to be open to it, too. We can't fix things if we don't acknowledge them, acknowledge they are broken, and work it out. And I will say that I know I come off weirdly impersonal and cold, and I don't mean to, I really don't. I haven't really mastered that line between like, professional and courteous, and also approachable and human. So I seem to often go either one way or the other too far.

I'm sorry you guys are stuck with a crappy admin like me, I really am, but I'm trying, I promise it.

Ahm, thirdly, we did also see a huge change to how the Discord is set up and how it works. We had a large number of people join the Discord and then sit on it, and not interact or engage with the community in any way. For those that were here through the early drama we weathered together, you can proooobably guess why this makes a few of us kind of nervous. So to minimise this, we now require users introduce themselves to get full access to the server (or DM a staff member if that is improbable or hard for some reason), and then maintain active engagement with the community to remain in the Discord. Just make an effort to be around, I'm still a very lenient person, and I understand that life happens and extenuating circumstances happen and hey, I'm not judging. I just want to make sure that those that are around, are actually around, yanno?

Finally, it is now September, and Simprovise is officially eight months old. c: It feels like no time at all, and also like Simprovise has been around forever. Here's to many more months.