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17 Sep 2020-Staff Search Update

17 Sep, 2020 5:47 pm

Still looking for extra staff hands on-board. See full news post for details but TLDR someone good with people, and someone that can watch the Discord and assign appropriate roles etc.

I'm a frighteningly busy person, and also frighteningly bad at communication, for how successful this site is. LOL So I could use one or two more folks on board the staff team to help with things.

First up, someone good with people. This means you'd be relegated to act as the community voice of the staff team, the liaison if you would between the members and the staff. Rarely, we need to talk discipline with other players, correct them here and there, it's mostly minor things like "hey you forgot x" or something but once in a grand while we do get a player that is trouble and needs to be dealt with quickly and politely. I am not always the right person to do this. I have trouble with communication and social anxiety, and it does not always go so well. So, one person on staff would be there specifically to do community things like that, as well as answer questions when no one else has, greet new people, point people in the right direction, keep an eye out for problems, etc.

Secondly, I could use someone that also looks out for the Discord, shuts down issues as they arise, keeps everything nice and civil, and assigns new folks in the Discord the appropriate roles as they ask for them. Colour assignments can be done by the player now without staff interference, and our crew are very good at behaving like adults, but users still need to introduce themselves to get the site friend role and access to talk in the discussion channel. These two things can probably be rolled into one just fine if someone feels they can handle both.

Send me a message me if you're interested. The only requirement is I'd like if whoever took this had been on the site for some time before asking about it. I like to make sure the community and the person are a good fit before doing any promotions. Happy playing!