Morgyn Ember • Spellcaster
Played by Nova
24 Jan, 2021 9:08 pm

How on earth had he managed to run into Daren on accident? That seems like something that only happened in stories and on TV. Not that Jesse was questioning his luck, but it did seem a little bit weird. Come to think of it, didn't vampires have special mental abilities? Not that Jesse knew how to use them, but that seemed to be a recipe for using them up accident. And knowing Jesse's luck, that would be exactly how that would turn out. Oops.

"Yeah," he said. "It's me." In all of his slightly easily sunburned glory. Jesse thought that he shouldn't tell him that. He had no idea what Daren was going to do if he did, because of course, Jesse hadn't thought that far. How did you tell your friend that you were now an undead monstrosity? Jesse had no idea. Before, he didn't need to know, and it had never crossed his mind.

"I'm fine," Jesse said. "Everything is fine. I was just kind of hanging out, right here, by myself, thinking." Yeah… Jesse was really bad at lying. But he wasn't sure what else to say, especially since he didn't think telling Daren that he was a vampire was a good idea. Speaking of which, he still wasn't sure what the heck he was supposed to feed on. Well, he'd cross that bridge when he came to it.

It'd seem it's time to act normal. "But I was kind of looking for you," Jesse said. "So it's nice to run into you on accident! How have you been?" It'd been a while since last they had spoken. And Jesse really was curious how things had been going for him.

24 Jan, 2021 8:56 pm

Morgyn couldn't help the snort. Truth be told, likely Morgyn needed both of those things, but that wasn't really Caleb's problem. The ginger paced back-and-forth on the beach primarily to take his mind off everything. Unfortunately, his mind had other ideas, and the more he paced around, the more he thought about it. It was like a never ending mess of thoughts constantly running through his head, and his footfalls in the sand were somehow fueling them.

Before Morgyn could decide which one of those things he needed, or wanted rather, he had to decide if he wanted to have a conversation with Caleb at all. If he was being honest with himself, Morgyn could very well want to be left alone. After everything that had just happened, he suspected no one would blame him for that, or at least no one that mattered. As it was, Morgyn had just barely managed to tell Drake what was going on. Drake was at the hospital now. And Morgyn was listening to the waves, and debating whether or not to have a conversation with someone. It sounded stupid when he put it that way.

Caleb meant well. Morgyn had to at least give him that.

"I probably need both," Morgyn said. "Unfortunately, I don't think you can actually do both. These things seem to be inherently incompatible. Unless you think I'm wrong. To be honest, I haven't thought about it too hard." He did seem familiar, and Morgyn couldn't say why. He supposed it didn't really matter in the end. What mattered was, the ocean was a calming presence and also made him somewhat anxious somehow, and he hadn't smoked enough of this blunt.

18 Jan, 2021 7:07 pm

This was not Newcrest. Judging by the general appearance of the nearby buildings, Jordyn assumed she was standing somewhere in Windenburg. Something felt wrong. That wasn't surprising, a lot of things felt wrong now, but she couldn't recall what would be wrong about now. The last thing she remembered was Morgyn getting into that argument with Aine - the idiot should've listened to Ezio and stayed away from her, but it was too late for that now - and then Aine threw a lightning bolt at Morgyn, Ezio dove in the way, and Jo had tried to stop the bolt from reaching Ezio.

What kind of an idiot! Ezio seemed to think he was either invincible, or he was dying anyway and it didn't matter if he died early. (Jo and Morgyn both had pointed out multiple times that wasn't how that worked, but teaching stubborn dogs new tricks wasn't simple.) Jordyn released a breath, sitting up, glancing around. It was dark, but there were streaks of colour across the sky. For some reason, they felt threatening.

Oh, she was dumb. She knew why that felt threatening, even if only just. Vampires weren't well-known about, or at least weren't easy to get information on (and any information they may have had before was gone from magic realm), but what else would've happened? Drake had probably tried to save Ezio by turning him, and it stood to reason he might've tried to turn her. Did he manage it? Her tongue moved, pressing against a canine. It felt the same. That didn't mean anything.

Instead, she stood up, and simply felt apprehension at watching the sunrise. To be on the safe side, she should find somewhere to go, at least to protect her from the worst of the sunlight until nightfall, and perhaps from there she'd figure out how to go back to Newcrest. Then again, maybe a hospital wouldn't be the best place for a newly-turned vampire to go, if she was even a vampire.

One thing at a time. Jo turned and shuffled down the street in a random direction, looking for a library or something decently public to hide for now. She'd worry about the semantics of everything else later.

10 Jan, 2021 11:38 pm

What was he meant to do with that? Probably, nothing. Likely, that was the point. Iname didn't like talking about the things that hurt him, Morgyn knew that pretty well. Most of the time, Morgyn was the same, and that fact was likely how they'd become friendly towards one another in the first place.

Morgyn was just trying to think of anything but what'd happened, and what Aine had said. Though he liked to pretend he didn't suspect anything, he always did. Aine was suspect at the best of times, he knew that, and though he'd defend her repeatedly against Ezio's accusations, Morgyn wasn't stupid enough to think none of them were remotely right. Ezio was smarter than he was, anyway. Of course Ezio had to be right.

But this? This was a bit much. It was all a bit too much, and it was so much easier to focus on someone else's problems. Maybe in helping Iname figure his out, Morgyn could wade through his. It was a sad side-effect of being the youngest sage in the history of ever. Sometimes the youthful exuberance clung to a little bit of naivety, just enough to get one hurt.

Morgyn sighed, glancing down at his lap, and then looked up at Iname. "Was that mention of a hug an offer, and is it still on the table?" he asked. Because in hindsight, maybe a hug was a good idea after all. It was either that or he was going to end up punching someone or something. Morgyn didn't think breaking his hand on a brick wall was really a good idea.

Mostly? That wasn't terribly comforting, but then, Ezio supposed it may not necessarily be intended to be so. He smiled and shook his head then. He didn't mind the company at all. Actually, since he was going to be here for quite some time before the meteor shower, it was probably for the best that he had someone else besides himself around. Sometimes he got to rattling around in his own head too long and got depressed, but no one that knew him was really surprised.

Morgyn went outward. Ezio pulled inward. And Jordyn was kind of a toss of a coin.

Ezio started to ask if she meant a list of wishes (who had a whole list of wishes? Well, maybe ten years ago Ezio did...) but then she started on about magic and science and Ezio stayed his tongue. First of all, what was she smoking? Second of all, that was actually pretty fascinating. Ezio hadn't thought about it too deeply. Morgyn had gone into biology trying to find the link between biology and magic, but Ezio tried not to think about it too much most of the time. It was easier that way.

Then, something their mother said once, about never knowing how things would go if you didn't try, came to mind. Well, that required having the energy to care how things turned out, and really, Ezio had run out of that in high school.

"I hate summer," he said. "I'll probably stay inside where it's not blazing Agni's eyeballs hot. And I don't know. I've put in applications but you know, these things take time. Because leaving you to chew your nails for a few weeks is good for character or something. You know, I think you might be able to balance doing stuff you want to do and stuff you should do. Maybe. I'm bad at it so I wouldn't know. So is Morgyn for that matter. Jordyn's... huh. Come to think I've no idea what she wants anyway." Ha. Maybe he should ask.

"Anyway, you were at least right about untamed magic being usage of raw elements," he said. He wouldn't know for sure about mischief and practical, but he didn't study those two very hard either. "Primal forces in their most basic forms, untamed is called that because working with the primal elements is exhausting at best, wildly dangerous at worst. The forces we use now are very different from the ones our ancestors did, Morgyn and I've translated a bunch of old writing over the last years since Morgyn became sage, and there are mentions of primal sources we don't know how to use anymore. Anyway, I digress. Point is, you know Morgyn's in biology, maybe you two should talk or something." Or... something. Yeah.

28 Dec, 2020 2:58 pm

"Ooh." Daren responded. "I wish I could help." It was more accurate than wishing he did because sure, he would have liked to get somewhere with that crush on Jessie, but mostly he wanted to see the other boy again. He missed his friend, more than he missed what they might have been if things were different and life hadn't gotten hard. But it had, and thing the whole world had sort of up-ended itself. But Daren was in a better place. All he could really do was hope that Jessie was in a good place, too.

"But I think that being yourself, as much as possible, is a good idea. Because if you do make someone like you while acting like you think they want you to, then you'll either stay like that forever, or end up having to hope they accept you when you change, too." And that could be a very uncomfortable situation, if Daren was imagining correctly. Beyond that though he didn't really know what to say. "Though if you ever need an ear, I'm good at listening at least." Even if he couldn't provide useful suggestions or help.

To be honest though, sometimes all one needed was for someone to listen. Daren made sure that his notebook and pen were balanced well in his lap before letting go of both and stretching a little where he sat. ... Yeah maybe he'd been sitting still just a bit too long this time.

27 Dec, 2020 8:15 pm

Right, Brandon. She was close. That was good. It was nice to know he wasn't unhappy out here, and he and Brandon were still getting along. Things hadn't turned out so bad for him, then, and maybe in a way it made her feel like things might turn out okay for her too. No, they would. She had to think positively. It didn't matter what her parents thought, anyway, that didn't make her who and what she was.

Certainly, Mal didn't seem to be tripped up by it at all. And this place was actually really good of a place. It was unfortunate that it was necessary. But it was good that it existed.

Her? Oh. She kind of shrugged a little. "I like cooking," she said. "I had a thought once I might want my own restaurant someday. You know, food brings people together and all of that. But I don't know. Maybe it wouldn't be a good idea." She was an alien, anyway. Aliens didn't run restaurants.

At least, she didn't think they did. That wasn't to say they actually didn't, considering she'd gone half her life not even being aware she was an alien. Maybe it was normal for them to blend in (maybe it was a good thing they blended in, even). Or maybe she and the other alien Mal had mentioned were the only two aliens on this entire planet. She'd wondered, sometimes, what it meant that Rae didn't know any other aliens. Were they the last two? Did their planet die off? Where was that planet anyway? Rae had so many questions about it and probably, Mal had no answers.

It was what it was though, she supposed. Her questions would have to wait.

"When you put it like that, it doesn't sound very attractive," Candy wrinkled her nose. Especially the pollution, that was a bad thing, wasn't it? But the dancer hadn't thought about it too much, it was for smarter people to think about. "I do like noise and bright lights, yes. Windenburg downtown is a nice place to sleep in after work because it's so quiet… too quiet. In Del Sol Valley there's so much life, so much movement at any hour. It's like a giant nightclub, size of a city!" And Candy loved nightclubs, apparently, it was more than just work. 

"I want to be part of that life," she said dreamily, and then sighed again, "but I also want Yuki to be part of mine. I don't think it is possible". Because Yuki didn't like nightclubs. She didn't like leaving home much, and she didn't like people, so when she did leave home it was mostly to be all alone away from her stupid loud big sister. It was a miracle the teen had made friends at all, just one, and it was Morgan Fyres, which wasn't so great given that notorious club she was part of, but that was something. 

"We're a small family. Hell, at the moment I think it's just the two of us," Candy didn't go into details, but it was very close to truth. Their parents' divorce, grandma Behr's passing – everything she called family fell apart in a very short period of time. And that was another reason why the sisters left home without thinking twice about that. At least the little house in the corner of Olde Platz still held good memories. Candy couldn't lose Yuki too. "My sister and I are so different, almost complete opposites, and it's obvious now more than ever," she looked up at Troi seeking reassurance and answers the woman couldn't probably give, but the blonde had no one else to ask, "is it inevitable what we drift apart?"

Ah, but she must have worded it wrong. "Sorry, what I mean is do you like dancing?" Most people in the clubs couldn't really dance and had no rhythm to speak of. Except a few show-offs who thought they could (no they could't either). But it wasn't about skill, it was about fun. Candy loved dancing long before she could dance professionally, and she'd never lost that passion.

He'd been sketching in another part of San Myshuno earlier, and now he was walking back to the Casa to put his things away. Maybe a meal was in order, but he wasn't too hungry yet anyway. Daren wasn't fully paying attention when he started to walk by the figure on the street, so much so that he had made it a few steps before he faltered and turned back. He intended to ask if they were alright, if they needed somewhere to go, and the like. 

Instead, he froze as recognition washed over him. Jesse? For a moment he couldn't quite form words. Daren did manage to take a few steps closer and knelt down nearby. He was going to feel very silly if he was wrong, but it didn't feel likely. This was Jesse, he was sure of it, though he had no idea what to think of the fact that the other was here of all places. Not that San My was a bad place to be, it just was surprising. Was it a coincidence? Had Jesse come looking for him? 

"Jesse?" The name came out first after a few seconds of stunned silence. "It's wonderful to see you, but is... is everything alright?" Seeing him sitting on the street in the shadow of a building was... maybe a little concerning. And there was something else. Something he hadn't quite put his finger on just yet. Daren was sure he'd figure it out soon enough, for the moment he would just focus on this much. 

Shock had worn away to an almost giddy excitement, even if he was still confused. Barring something really awful bringing Jesse here, it meant that they could reconnect at least a little. He'd missed Jesse quite a lot, the other boy had probably been the only part of his old life that he missed.