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Welcome to Simprovise, a text-based role-playing site based on The Sims 4. Our site is a sandbox, allowing our players to write the stories they're interested in and make some friends and meet like-minded folk along the way, and we're glad to have you. Before getting started with us, there are some things to know about the site and how it runs.


  1. One should treat others as they wish to be treated. Players are expected to be able to moderate themselves, communicate and work with others, and discuss disagreements without incident.
  2. The staff reserve the right to ask anyone to leave for any reason, or no reason, at any time. Sometimes, a person and the community simply don't work together very well.
  3. If something isn't working, one has concerns, or interest in something is waning, simply say so. We are a site for adults, by adults, and when something isn't working, it is worth discussion.
  4. Our site, by default, is rated PG-13. It goes up to NC-17 in some places.
  5. We ask that all players be at or above the age of eighteen (18) in order to participate. By registering an account with us and taking part, one is affirming they are at this age, and the staff of Simprovise cannot be held liable should it be discovered later a player lied.
  6. We have no required word count, no character caps, gender or race bans, and no application. We do have a biography available, and players may fill this out, or not, at will.
  7. Our mature content system requires opting into, not out of. By turning it on, mature threads will suddenly begin showing for a user. The staff cannot be held liable for what a user reads or participates in after willingly turning this on.
  8. No images should be used in in-character posts, no bright, neon, or otherwise blinding colours, and no emojis/emoticons. It would be best to refrain from using coloured text at all.
  9. Users that have not been seen at all in over two (2) weeks, or have not posted in over a month, will be archived and their characters filed inactive. The one exception is December: the month of December is ignored when determining activity.
  10. We prefer that characters be represented with Sims 4 graphics. There is a create-a-sim demo program that can be installed if a user doesn't own the game, and one does not need to play the game to write here. Users may also opt not to use any character representation at all, if desired.
  11. Avatar images should be 250px by 250px. Remember to lock ratio when resizing so that the image does not distort. Side images are 275px by 500px, and one may upload more than one to display on rotation for characters. If assistance with images is required, one may request such in Discussion, or in the Discord's #graphics-help channel.
  12. In-character threads should be dated. This is the date that we're in in-universe, which will be different from the real-world's date. Please check the timeline if uncertain what date we're in.
  13. If using a Sim that was not created by you, please credit the original creator somewhere. We would prefer that one only uses their own creations, however.


  1. Behavioural expectations remain valid in the Discord. It is a privilege, not a right, and users can and will be kicked from it if deemed a detriment.
  2. New joiners will need to post a short introduction and an idea of their plans for the site (whether they will be participating in the site, or only the Discord) in #introductions before being allowed access to the rest of the server.
  3. We do allow lurkers, for those that would simply like a community, or wish to get a feel for the people first, but one will need to remain an active part of the Discord to be allowed to stay.
  4. Please do not DM other players and staff without asking or being asked to first. This constitutes harassment.
  5. In the #bot-spam channel, one can find a list of colours that can be gotten through bot commands. If it doesn't work, a staff member will manually assign it (sometimes it glitches out).
  6. Every Friday going into Saturday, at midnight CST/GMT +6, we host a movie night, where we get together in a voice channel and stream a movie. Our schedule is always pinned in the channel, as to what we're watching, and suggestions are taken into consideration. Participants may be lurkers or members, and can be audio enabled or not.