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Hello and welcome to Simprovise, a text-based role-playing site for writers of the Sims community, or just people that play The Sims and are interested in writing. We're glad to have you! Before getting started with us, we'd like to go over our site code of conduct, which details the expectations we have for the members of our community, and acts as a road-map of a sort during one's time here.


  1. Follow the golden rule; one should treat others how they themselves wish to be treated. Players are expected to be able to manage themselves, communicate with fellow players and staff, and work out disagreements between one another peaceably.
  2. Should a player prove to be a problem, or otherwise not fit into our community, we do reserve the right to ask them to leave at any time, with or without warning or justifiable cause. Sometimes, things just don't work out.
  3. Communicate with fellow players. When something isn't working, or the interest in something is waning, simply say so. The staff of Simprovise aim to foster a community where all members feel comfortable talking things out and being honest with each other. Should a user not feel comfortable expressing discontent to another player, they are always free to reach out to a staff member.
  4. We have no required word count, no character caps, no gender or race bans, and no application. We do have a biography available, and users may fill in a Sim's/character's biography at will with as much, or as little, as they deem necessary. How this impacts the character's plotting opportunities may vary in mileage.
  5. Players that have not been seen in over a month will be archived. Nothing is deleted here until the user deletes it themselves, so archived players may return at a later time, however they may lose any claimed pre-mades they may have if someone else wants them while they are absent.
    The staff will not chase people. We believe if someone wants to be here, they will be, and if they aren't here, maybe they don't want to be. It's very rare that we even warn people before they're filed inactive. It's the player's responsibility to manage themselves and their time.
  6. On the LSV (language, sex, violence) scale, we are at 3.2.2. in standard threads. This means that language is not monitored, please use common sense, while sex and violence can be alluded to, but not written out in great, explicit detail. S and V go up to 3 in mature threads, please remember to mark mature threads as such.
  7. Our mature content system requires opting in, rather than out. By doing so, one is affirming and taking responsibility for the affirmation that they are at or above the age of eighteen (18). The staff cannot be held responsible for what a user reads or engages in after affirming this.
  8. Please do not post images in in-character posts, or use very bright, neon, or otherwise blinding colours in them. It would be best not to use coloured text at all.
  9. While no claim may be used at all if so desired, we do prefer that characters be represented by Sims 4 graphics. There is also a Create-a-Sim demo available for PC, one can get that if they don't have the game, and many Simmers create Sims for the sole purpose of being used by others.
  10. Avatar images are 250x250. Please remember to lock ratio before resizing images so that the dimension ratio stays the same and the image doesn't distort. The larger side image is 275x500. If assistance with images is required, it can be requested in the Discussion forum, or our Discord's #graphics-help channel.
  11. Remember to date in-character threads. Threads that lack one are not considered to have canonically happened and may be ignored in other threads.
  12. Should one use a Sim from the gallery or otherwise made by someone else, please leave a credit to the original creator somewhere in the Sim's biography.


  1. The behavioural rules on the site all apply in the Discord. Users may be kicked or banned if they are believed to be detrimental to the Discord's atmosphere.
  2. Our Discord is mostly unavailable for new joiners and guests. One will need to introduce themselves in the #introductions channel in order to gain access to speak in other channels, and view the rest of the server's channels. This is to cut down on the number of people that simply sit around in the Discord with no intention of interacting.
  3. We do accept and allow lurkers and Simmers that don't want to take part in the site but are around for the community instead. However, one must be an active part of the Discord community to be allowed to stay.
  4. Should a newcomer be too busy to introduce themselves, or have an anxiety disorder that makes introductions too daunting, they can DM a staff member for a time extension; introductions and integration into the community should be forthcoming, as this is not a pardon from expectations, just a reasonable accommodation for extenuating circumstances.
  5. Beyond introduction DMs, DMing another player in the Discord without being asked to, or given permission to do so, counts as harassment and can lead to correction.
  6. We have an array of different colours that can be chosen for one's name. This can be gotten automatically by using bot commands in the #bot-spam channel. The commands and the colour list are pinned messages for ease of locating.
  7. Every Friday night going into Saturday morning (midnight CST/GMT +6), we host a movie night. Everyone gets together in the Movie Night voice channel and #movie-night-chat channel, one can be voice-enabled or not, it's up to them, to stream a movie together and enjoy some downtime with some good people. Lurkers and players both are welcome to attend movie night events. The watching schedule for the month is always pinned in the #movie-night-chat channel.


Here at Simprovise, we have a very diverse member-base, and we put a lot of value on our community's inclusiveness. We do not exclude anyone that makes an effort to be a part of our community; we are 100% newbie (to writing, role-play, and The Sims), non-native English speaker, LGBTQIA+, neuro-divergent, persons of colour, and so on, friendly. (Our characters may not be.) However, inclusiveness is a two-way street. A little has to be given for a little to be gotten, and while we will meet our players halfway, we also expect them to do the same. We may at times need to correct behaviour, or to explain foreign concepts to new players, or so on. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is not a problem to make mistakes. But when there is a repeated pattern of players making mistakes, and then either pretending the mistake didn't happen, not learning from it, not taking correction well, or trying to blame the mistake on other people, then there's a problem.

Please understand that we are all human, and we are all volunteers. No one is getting paid to do this. We are cultivating and growing this community because we want to build a place where players of The Sims franchise can get together, enjoy the game, and write some cool stories together, regardless of status, background, country of origin, orientation, sex, creed, etc. And we hope that, in time, the players that we attract come to love Simprovise as much as we do, and want to see it do well as much as we do. Communicate with each other, and be open to that communication. Try not to be insensitive, but when someone says that something was insensitive, or that something is problematic, try to understand, instead of get offended.

We are all people. And all people deserve to be treated as such.

Remember that, if at any time a player has a problem with another, and this problem cannot be solved between them, or one doesn't feel comfortable trying, Arceus' inbox is always open.