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Leap of Faith — Forgotten Hollow

Leap of Faith

Started by Lilith Vatore at 12 Jun, 2020 11:51 pm
May 23, 2020
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Played by Arceus

vampire queen

Speaking with the dead isn't so hard when you know how to listen between silence.

Was that being impressed? Well, Lilith wouldn't know. Nothing and no one impressed her, but she was hard to impress anyway. She didn't easily recognise her own feelings, either, so it meant she misunderstood others' feelings relatively frequently. Maybe she'd misunderstood Emilia's. It wasn't as if they'd had a long heart to heart sort of chat about those feelings, either. Which, Caleb was right insofar as if she didn't say anything, nothing would be solved. That was how it went.

She just thought that, maybe things were better that way. There wasn't anything particularly good about her. As she'd thought before, she was the monster, so Caleb didn't need to be, and she wore that almost like it was a bade of honour. It was much the same as how Ezio acted in the same capacity for Morgyn. That was what had made her become friends with Ezio. They were so much alike in strange, and slightly tragic, ways.

There were too many other things to be concerned by, once. When they were younger, and had more to lose. In the end, Lilith had let go of a lot of things that, likely, she shouldn't have. A lot of her humanity was on that list. It was what it was. There was no sense being upset by it. Was it possible, to reclaim some of it? To become more human than she was now? She didn't know. Maybe it was too late for her. Maybe it wasn't. Did she dare to try and find out?

Well, at least Emilia could be her strangely carefree self without worries. Lilith had already become protective of her. That likely wouldn't change anytime soon.

"Maybe she does," Lilith allowed, sifting through the pile of stuff she still had left to pack away. Why did they stay in that house for so long? Eugh. "I'm still not saying anything. There's not much to like about me anyway. Eventually she'll get past the surface and realise there isn't anything there."

All dreams had to end, sooner or later.

I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed,
Get along with the voices inside my head,
You're trying to save me, stop holding your breath;
And you think I'm crazy, yeah, you think I'm crazy;
well that's not fair.

Played by Razzyo

?? years old // 5'9"

There is nothing in this life but mist, and we will only be alive for a short time.

"Not true!" Caleb insisted. "When she gets to know you more, she'll find there's a lot more to you than even you're giving yourself credit for!"

Why was she so down on herself? Caleb certainly didn't like certain parts of himself but those things were tied to the fact that he was no longer strictly... human. The idea of drinking blood directly from people... Losing control... Those were the things that he fretted over more than anything else. When it came to what others thought of him, he didn't think he was quite that worried. It did worry him that Lilith didn't seem to find anything likable about herself. 

"Just because you're... unconventional doesn't mean there isn't anything to like," he declared. "I'd say it's part of the reason she'll love you more!"