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i'm no good at healing — Brindleton Bay

i'm no good at healing

Started by Morgyn Ember at 15 Aug, 2020 9:50 pm
May 30, 2020
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Played by Nova

chaotic force of nature

That which does not kill me, had better run. Because now I'm pissed.

It'd been a long day. Maybe a little too long. Morgyn wasn't making as much money as the blond used to, so keeping a respectable savings was turning out to be difficult. Morgyn had to make it through the summer without spending the cost of next university term, and it turned out there was less in the pot than Morgyn had thought there was.

The blond should've expected as much, all things considered. Morgyn didn't work as much anymore. The Casa di Colori was kind enough not to charge an arm and firstborn child, at least, but the blond was aiming for better things, better things that didn't give Morgyn nightmares on occasion. Ezio didn't seem to suspect anything, even now, and Morgyn would much rather keep it that way.

Of course, it occurred to the blond that Ezio knew Morgyn better than Morgyn did, sometimes, so the idea that Ezio didn't suspect anything at all was sort of a preposterous one. He probably knew everything, just had the grace not to say anything.

Morgyn shuffled back and forth on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves crashing to shore (like anyone had a choice other than listening to it when this close, given how loud it was), taking a puff off a joint here and there. It was just weed, but it was good weed, at least. Sometimes the johns with wallets were relatively respectful and treated their, ahm, companions, very well. Morgyn got one of those from time to time, a regular occurrence every few weeks with his pockets lined in two kinds of green, and Morgyn had a feeling the money came from the drugs and sooner or later boy was going to go down in flames.

In the meantime, he took Morgyn out to expensive hotels, gave gifts of expensive wine, diamond jewellery, and fur coats that got sold within a week because Morgyn needed the money more, and always had a load of weed on him. Most of the time, Morgyn just kind of tolerated him, he wasn't exactly very charming of a personality, but the blond did have to admit he was very useful, and had probably contributed to Morgyn's survival a little more than usual.

Morgyn raised the joint to shimmery lips, drew in a puff, inhaled, and released it in a heavy sigh. Most likely the idiot ought to go home, sleep it off, try not to have any nightmares, and start over again tomorrow. The blond had no interest in it, so, kept wandering back and forth on the sand. Maybe eventually, the dull ache in the blond's chest would wear down with the soft footfalls and go away.