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hey lil sister — Del Sol Valley

hey lil sister

Started by Brandon Soriano at 02 Sep, 2020 10:56 pm
May 28, 2020
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Played by Nova


No one's voice means more than your own.

Brandon had taken a very wrong turn somewhere. He had no idea where at. He supposed it didn't matter, either. Brandon was quite lost now, but he'd figure it out eventually. Following signage wasn't some kind of mystical superpower that only a select few humans managed to develop, at the very least. Or so one would presume, and sometimes one would be very wrong. Humans were full of surprises, and at times, those surprises were unpleasant.

So far, he didn't care very much for the consistent heat Del Sol Valley seemed to have a problem with. Brandon was more of a crisp fall type of person, rather than a blazing summer person. The sunlight and the warmth were nice enough, but he couldn't say he liked it for very long. At some point, he reached the stage where he needed to lose a layer of clothing, so the first thing to come off was his jacket. Tied around his waist, it looked like he'd done it on purpose like it was some kind of fashion choice rather than he was dressed for San Myshuno weather.

It stood to reason, he should likely just ask for directions (what was with people and not asking directions, anyway), but it was a good excuse to wander around the city a little. He could see San Myshuno's Uptown in the very great distance if he tried hard enough, and managed to find a place where Del Sol's buildings didn't obscure the high-rises, but it wasn't as if that direction was a straight shot. The streets simply did not go that way.

It was frustrating. Eventually, he got tired of walking around, and fell onto a bench, watching the people wander by and the cars whiz past. And now that Brandon was holding still, he remembered he had a cell phone. Hmm. He'd call Mal if he really got desperate, that was sure. So far, he wasn't quite at really desperate stage as of yet. He might look like he was melting a little, however. That was a distinct possibility. Likely, he might say, even.

As someone passed by him, he made a face, pointing at their feet. "Cute shoes," he said. "Might kill me, but still very cute." He did best with very flat shoes. Slight balance issues.