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Sky Blue Waters — Glimmerbrook

Sky Blue Waters

Started by Liberty Lee at 22 Sep, 2020 9:41 pm
June 3, 2020
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Played by Arceus


Pain is inevitable. A lot of things in life are going to hurt. But no one can make you suffer from it except you.

Somewhere in there, she seemed to have taken a wrong turn. That wasn't surprising, given she had almost no sense of direction to speak of. She wasn't even fully sure what she was looking for to find her way back to Willow Creek, but Liberty thought that somewhere around here was Granite Falls. Instead, she'd found herself in a picturesque little village that had a creek running through it (at what point did a creek become a river, anyway?).

And something told her to stay, even just for a little while. The seasons were changing, turning from wet rainy spring into bright and cheerful summer, just like the other Summer Liberty knew. She'd always been like that, but Liberty imagined her parents had named her so well on accident. Or maybe she'd grown into the name. Liberty didn't remember her ever not being happy, even in grade school. Well, now that was just freaky. Maybe her mother was psychic or something.

Liberty decided to wander up the creek (stream? river?), following the bank and trying very hard not to tumble right into the water. Not that it'd be a problem. The worst that happened was, she came home a little muddy and ended up catching a cold. There were worse things that could happen, for sure. Liberty had learnt to find amusement in it, really. Given she was constantly tripping on or over something, it seemed kind of like a waste of energy to get upset about it. And sometimes, it was downright funny. ... other times, she got annoyed anyway, because why can't one thing go right for once?

She paused on a bridge, shuffling up onto it and leaning over the railing to visually follow the creek. It kept going to nowhere. Huh. How far did this go, anyway?

Hatred is as blind as love.