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Thick as Thieves — Requests and Wanted

Thick as Thieves

Started by Ezio Ember at 23 Sep, 2020 11:27 pm
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Played by Arceus

Wolf Blood

Some people learn to love their chains.

Once upon a not so long time ago, Ezio was a homeless dope living out on the street. Got into smuggling and drug dealing eventually just to make ends meet, but then his life-mate stole him and they got an apartment through the goodness of the landlord's heart (and Drake's decent amount of savings). During the time he was out there on the street, he made friends with fellow homeless and impoverished folk and they still stay in touch now.

I don't have anything in particular for any of these street friends just be aware if they're still on the street, no they're not bc I guarantee Ezio found space in his apartment with Drake for them. So that's a thing. Um, there's also at least one (but probably more than one) instance of one of those street friends being seriously injured and Ezio magically turned them into a vampire to save their life (he's known for doing this, he's not even a vampire and has at least three vampiric offspring by now lmao).

Okay actually no I have stuff for one of those friends in particular because one of them, eventually, became Ezio's cardiac specialist.

You see, Ezio has a heart arrhythmia that eventually turned into heart failure. For most intents and purposes, he's dying, just at a much slower rate than he could be. He's already made it ten years longer than he should've, which is either a good thing or a really bad thing hard to say. I have appearance and name and vague history already for this character but I think instead of posting any of that up here, I'm just going to say, female, black, no non-sense type, not afraid to tell Ezio he's an idiot when he is (he tolerates it a lot better from her than anyone else anyway), probably seen some occult-y shit she can't un-see, Ezio was also known for trying to stop bullets with ice shields sooo, yeah go for it.

Ezio's the #1 most active character on this site, and he knows a lot of other characters; plotting with him is probably one of the best ways of getting into Simprovise. c: And I love to banter ideas and shop talk, so discussing things beforehand is okay, we can dive in and see if things work out instead, that's fine too I'm good at winging it, basically, whatever works for you, works for me. If the characters don't click tho I won't force that, so fair warning.

Uhh as of June on-site, Ezio is in the hospital in a coma, but he should not remain there very long because he's turning into a vampire. Yeah... kind of awkward when one has more vampire experience than their sire but hey this is the world we live in xD But that does mean, I suppose, bonding vampirically with his other accidental vampires is a thing.

Love is not afraid.