• I don't have many triggers. Just non-con mostly. There are things that aren't triggers that I won't write anyway, but I'll let you know if we come across one.
  • My smut threads are pretty uninteresting, so I prefer fading to black.
  • I don't find fighting very interesting, either.
  • My characters may come off somewhat detached. It's a side-effect of my own detachment.

Morgan Fyres

A young girl trying to find her place in the world. Her older sister's shadow is a difficult one to live in, but Morgan knows that somewhere there's a place for her. She just needs to find it, and maybe pull herself out of Siobhan's shadow. She makes friends sometimes with the wrong people, runs with crowds she shouldn't just to feel like she belongs somewhere, but ultimately, Morgan's not stupid enough not to realise how bad these choices are, and she isn't one to easily give into peer pressure. She does whatever it is she feels like she should and nothing more or less.

Morgan is a teenage normal Sim, working on finishing high school and thinking seriously (maybe too seriously) about her future. She wants to feel like she's making a difference in the world, so it's likely to be something people-related or environmentally motivated. Morgan enjoys meeting new people and talking to those she does know, and probably makes friends relatively easily.

I'm not sure she knows what sexuality she is, and may or may not be poly.

  • She is friends with Yuki Behr, and could use some other friends. These don't necessarily have to be teenagers, too, but it'd make the most sense. Morgan's fortunately very outgoing and could probably hold a conversation with a brick wall.
  • Morgan's older sister Siobhan being in play could be interesting, and I'd like to play with their dynamics.
  • Maybe someone big into charities or other do-gooder things could help Morgan figure out what she wants to do in life. ... and incidentally ease tensions with her older sister.