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pink magic

Started by Nebula at 02 Oct, 2020 8:51 pm
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shaken, not stirred

Drive Italian, wear Japanese, drink Russian, kiss French.

- There are things that'll upset me. I'm a big boy and can tell you when you run into one.
- I only ever take on one thread at a time. Yes, this makes me the slowest slow fucker on the planet.
- Sometimes I am not so good with words and can't make the words happen. If I post, it will be ridiculously short.

For now, actually maybe permanently, I have only one character.

Troi Williams

Active •  Neat • Outgoing
Young Adult (28) • She/Her • Cardiologist • Single • Unknown Orientations

She comes from very humble beginnings. Raised by a single mother, half on the street, half may as well be the street. Eventually, through good fortune, she put herself through school and managed to become a doctor. Things are looking a lot better now. Her mother gained a terminal illness, so now she's taking care of her mother instead. One of her siblings is famous now, so the siblings are doing very well for themselves too.

- Of course, friends. She is friends with Ezio Ember so anyone that's friends with him probably knows her, at least passingly.
- She has incidental celebrity connections.
- She has a few siblings and these could be played pretty easily.

i know it's not over, baby i worked this out for sure
it's gonna be colder, now you've forced open the door
i know you; better than I ever have before, i know you