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One Day At a Time — Windenburg

One Day At a Time

Started by Morgan Fyres at 04 Oct, 2020 8:47 pm
June 1, 2020
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Played by Krystal


Windenburg was getting old. It was possible, Morgan supposed, that Windenburg had always been old, and it was merely that Morgan hadn't bothered to think of it before. Morgan sat on the edge of one of the many ponds scattered around the place, idly tossing rocks across the shimmering silver waters. The sky wasn't too cloudy, and the wind was a gentle, slight breeze. The sun was warm. Summer was always mild in Windenburg, but it'd be nice to be out of school.
Morgan wasn't a terrible student. She did her work, though perhaps did not expend quite so much effort as she theoretically could. To stuck up prissy people like Siobhan, it looked like Morgan didn't care about her future. The reality was quite starkly different. She did care. The issue was simply that, one didn't magically learn what it was they wanted to do with their lives the second they turned sixteen. Well, unless one was Yuki Behr, probably. She seemed to know what she wanted to do in life since the day she turned nine. Morgan always envied her for that.
It wasn't too far-fetched to say that Morgan should likely do something besides throw rocks into the pond. Now that she'd gone and left the Renegades, it was much harder to decide what to do exactly. She could kill time at the library. At least the libraries often had computers to use. Or, she could see about finding one of her friends. She could make new friends. Given she'd lost a few of her friends, perhaps making new ones would be a good idea.
It was pathetic that she had no idea what to do with herself, wasn't it? Morgan groaned, simply throwing the next rock into the pond, with no attempt at skipping it at all. Decisions.