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Grimscythe's Grimoire

Started by Grimscythe at 10 Oct, 2020 2:09 pm
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The Wretched Lady

Wow, it took me way too long to get to this and I apologize for my absence and inactivity. Things are finally calming down, so I'm ready to get back to playing my Cassie. I'll update this post regularly as I create more Sims so that I can keep the plotting going!

Cassandra Goth

For Cassandra, I think I'll address previous threads first. Because of how long I was gone, I will not be picking up the old threads because I feel like they'd be out of place. Things have changed and those roleplays were set in an earlier time. A few plots I'd like to encounter with her, and a few things about her, include:

  • The unmasking of gothiquedreams. Someone discovers who the grim artist is behind the horrifying artwork that is spreading across Simstagram, especially in the horror community. This person exposes her identity, leading to serious question about whether Cassandra might be a danger to society, mistaking her love for darkness as evidence that she might harm others.
  • I mentioned wanting Cassandra to become a bit of a villain before, and I still would like to follow that line. However, I have no idea how to go about that. I would like to see her experience hardships and grow as an individual.

Of course, I'm open to lots of other ideas too!